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by Michael A.D. Berkal

At first I thought I would need to sit down and translate all the Clean Language questions into Hebrew before I could do any work at all ... But a chance came, when I went home to Israel for a week, to try out GMT (Grovian Metaphor Therapy) without any translation, I decided just to see what happens ...

I had observed that I had used phrases coined in one language in an intuitive way in another language. For example, the phrase 'at the end of the day' does not exist in  Israel, but I have found that I used that phrase in Hebrew a number of times, in the right context that I would have used it in English. So I presupposed that once I have acquired a skill then it does not matter which language I use, the translation will happen automatically.

It is interesting to note that words like 'and' and 'the' and (in some cases) 'when' are only an abbreviation to the word in Hebrew and not a whole word.

I met with a friend, and explained a bit about GMT and just set off...

The thing that helped me the most was the compass (see the diagram in Less is More: The Art of Clean Language). I knew the direction I wanted to go in, i.e. forward in time, back in time, developing attributions etc... So the questions just flowed, including the full syntax, and I found myself doing a whole session that worked excellently -- all in Hebrew.

Although special consideration can be given to the translation of the syntax and the use of the questions, I must say that from my observation, if you don't give it much thought and just do it, in which ever language you want, as long as you have practised it for a while in English ... then it'll go quite smooth.

Good luck and enjoy yourself.

© July 1999 Michael A.D. Berkal (

Michael A.D. Berkal
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