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Hi, I'm Penny Tompkins and I'd like to welcome you to a guided tour of The Clean Collection. First I'll give you an overview of The Gallery and then we'll begin the tour. As we go around I'll introduce the theme of each room and point you toward some items where you might wish to begin your viewing.

The Gallery holds over 200 items ranging from single-page reports on how someone is using Clean Language to multi-part treaties on emotion and cognition. Something for everyone we hope.

As you'll see from the floor plan, The Gallery has two floors. The ground floor has six rooms. Four are devoted the core components of the work: Clean Language, Metaphor, Clean Space & Emergence, and Modelling. The other rooms include Symbolic Modelling, James Lawley and my way of integrating the components, and The Developing Group, a record of our exploration of new ideas and developments to the model since 2001.

Upstairs you'll find five more rooms. These are dedicated to things further afield. First there are the growing number of Applications of this fascinating work. Then there's the Related Material room which contains transcripts, case studies, personal stories, interviews and in particular a section devoted to the originator of the field, David Grove.

For the more conceptually minded we have gathered together some of the key Models and Theories into one room, and we've collected a lot of material under the heading Classic NLP. This just leaves the fast expanding other-than-English Worldwide resources room.

If you want a printeout of the whole tour, just click 'Print-friendly page' in the right hand panel.

Before we begin, you'll see in the foyer a regularly updated Calendar of Events. It has an extensive listing of trainings, seminars, workshops and practice groups.

All of the material in The Gallery is available for you to read, quote and make personal use of.  All that we ask is that you reference the original source and this web site.  If you'd like to use any of the material commercially, please contact us or the copyright holder. 

As you accompany me on this tour, please note that we have coded the links to help you navigate this site:
If you decide to linger in any one room and research a particular item in detail, you can always re-join the tour by using the Gallery Tour drop-down menu.

We will end the tour back here in the foyer with a summary of what else The Gallery has to offer. Now let's start in the Clean Language Room — please follow me.

Penny Tompkins
Penny Tompkins is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, coach in business, and certified NLP trainer. She is co-developer of Symbolic Modelling and co-author of Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling.

See about us for a longer biography. 
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