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10. Models and Theory Room
Models and Theory Room
Welcome to the Models and Theory Room. If you ideas and concepts you'll be right at home here.  If you have a more experiential nature or are new to this work, you may wish to skip this room and return another time, otherwise, plan to take your time.

Gregory Bateson was fond of saying that we make sense of the world by “punctuating” our experience.  This room displays a number of models where authors describe common metaphors that people use in the punctuating process. These models do two things, they describe:

a. how we create perceptions — in other words, the way we organise experience;
b. how people change their mind-body perceptions.

In this room, for example, you can learn about the function of Scale and Adjacency in perception, as well as learn about the "thinker of the thoughts," the Perceiver.  There is also Philip Harland's impressive five-part paper on the role of the Brain in emotion and cognition.

If you are interested in the change process or your own personal development, you might like to spend some time viewing models James and I (Penny Tompkins) have developed on the cheery topics of Self-Deception, Delusion, Denial and Double Binds.

Even if your only language is English, I think you will find it interesting to see what is going on outside the English-speaking world, so let’s go next door to find out about Symbolic Modelling and Clean Language Worldwide.

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