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5. Clean Space & Emergence Room Clean Space & Emergence

we are, in the Clean Space and Emergence room, where you can wander around to get different perspectives on perceptual space – the canvas on which our thoughts and feelings are painted

This room is dedicated to the ideas that David Grove developed in the last seven years of his life. Soon after the turn of the millennium David began exploring the effects on clients' internal perceptual space as they physically moved around their external space.  He called this process Clean Space.  As well as creating some new Clean Language questions, for the first time Clean Space involved using a set of clean instructions. In 2009 James Lawley and I (Penny Tompkins) revisited the model and produced a Clean Space Lite version listing dozens of facilitator add-ons.

Based on David’s interest in ‘small world’ network theory and the concept of Six Degrees of Separation, Clean Space quickly evolved into Clean Worlds and from there into Emergent Knowledge. The latter facilitates the emergence of new information by iterating through a series of precise routines and six repetitions of particular questions.

Also, this room contains articles on the closely related notions of proximity — the significance of adjacency in perception — and a more advanced piece on psychoactive space which surveys a variety of change processes involving inner and outer spatial perceptions.

Next, the tour will take us deeper inside the gallery, into the Modelling Room.

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