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8. Applications Room
We are now in the Applications Room on the upper floor of The Gallery. James Lawley and I (Penny Tompkins) encourage people write up how they apply and develop this work. In this way the clean community can share its wealth of knowledge and learn from each other.

It is heart warming to see the list grow and grow, and extend into undreamed of areas. In this room you will see that people have applyied clean methods and principles to: Psychotherapy & Counselling, Coaching, Business & Organisations, Education, HealthSport, Reseach & Interviewing and Self-Development.

While it is difficult to pick out a couple of articles from the dozens available, to get an idea of the range of applications I suggest:
  •  Like a Kid in a Sweet Shop, Mike Duckett's example of creative metaphor work with Heston Blumenthal, whose restaurant, The Fat Duck, was named the best in the world.
There are numerous other interesting applications that have not yet been fully written up.  Some are: teaching Clean Language to the Police for interviewing vulnerable witnesses; preparing long-term unemployed for work; training opera students to reach high notes; journalists teaching interviewing skills to other journalists; teaching systems theory in a university; accessing enhanced meditative and spiritual states; teaching the principles of Clean Language and some of the questions to thousands of Weight Watchers group leaders across the world — I could go on and on.

If you would like to let the world know about what you are doing and how you are applying this fascinating work, contact us to find out how to have your work published in this room of The Gallery.

Next we are off to the room full of Related Material.

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