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2. Indicators of embodied schema


The following sentences have been extracted from a one-hour client session. They illustrate the client’s repeated use of the UP/DOWN embodied schema. Because of the repeating pattern we would characterise this client’s Landscape as having an up/down motif:

That’s me standing on top of a wave [about their desired state symbolic drawing]

I am able to achieve and fly high from a place of being more in touch with myself.

There’s a frequent sense of overwhelm.

I feel on top of things.

I want to take on the day without the day taking over me.

A lot of upheaval in the last year.

I want to be on top of my day.

I am building on ...

I want to raise others' awareness.

I'm up for it.

Checking up on it.

I need to be free of the heap.

[After a change had taken place in the client's Landscape — a "missing" symbol comes inside]:

It's like a pebble in the water dropping down in the whole of my core.

Now I'm sitting under a tree.

Dappled light drops down.

I feel calm and grounded.

Now I want to lie down under the tree and look up through the branches to the sky.

I feel settled in my gut, down here (hand on stomach).

It feels heavy in a positive settled way.

When I am in touch with the settled, grounded feeling it feels the natural thing to do.

Examples of verbs that indicate a FORCE embodied schema:

 Active  Approach  Attack
  Attract  Bear
 Bond  Break
 Build  Bring  Can’t  Capture  Carry  Cause  Clamp
 Close  Clutch  Collect  Compel  Control  Cut  Deliver
 Detain  Dive  Do  Drag  Endanger  Enlarge  Fall
 Find  Fetch  Get 
 Go  Grab  Grapple  Grasp
 Hold  Hug  Hunt  Immerse  Imprison  Influence  Interact
 Jam  Join  Liberate  Limit  Make  Meet  Move
 Obtain  Open  Operate  Overcome  Perpetrate  Penetrate  Pick
 Power  Press  Provide  Pull  Push  Raid  Reach
 Refrain  Resist
 Restrict  Retain
 Seize  Shake  Snatch
 Start  Squeeze  Stay  Stick  Stop
 Take  Tense
 Try  Tug  Wake  Withhold  Wound  Wrench  Wrestle

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