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Clean & Emergent Research Group

Below is a list of the topics considered by the Clean and Emergent Research Group (originally called The Metaphor and Clean Language Research Group) established in 1999 from an initiative by Philip Harland.

I (James Lawley) have begun to add links to clean-related articles for each topic, suggestions of further resources on the web welcome.

Links to Resources
Sep 1999 Relationship and Interaction Learning from Relationship - Tompkins & Lawley
Jan 2000
Pattern Resolving Problem Patterns - Harland
Apr 2000 Thresholds Feedback Loops - Tompkins & Lawley
Nov 2000 Perceivers The Perceivers - The Research Group
Multiple Perceptions, Perspectives and Perceivers - Tompkins & Lawley
Mar 2001 Relating Learning from Relationship - Tompkins & Lawley
Jun 2001 Sex and Sensuality
Sep 2001 Death and Renewal
Dec 2001 Couples & Systemic Therapy
Mar 2002 Categories  

Jun 2002 Leading Cleanly Clean Conversations - Tompkins & Lawley
Aug 2002 Creativity  

Dec 2002 Connections
Thinking Networks II - Lawley

Feb 2003 Group Dynamics
May 2003 Clean Space Articles about Clean Space
Oct 2003 Wellness and Illness Articles about Health
Jan 2004 Attention Paying attention to what they're paying attention to - Tompkins & Lawley
Apr 2004 Purpose  
Jun 2004 Sin and Evil  

Oct 2004 Dreams
Jan 2005 Sex
 and Gender
Apr 2005 Group Metaphor - Mapping  
Jun 2005 The Preposition ‘In’ 
 Embodied Schema - Tompkins & Lawley
Oct 2005 Memory  
Jan 2006
 History of Metaphor
Landscapes #1

Apr 2006 History of Metaphor
Landscapes #2
Jun 2006 Landscapes of Time Endings and Beginnings - Tompkins & Lawley
Oct 2006 Props and Ink Blots  

Jan 2007 Deciding How The Brain Feels: Volition - Harland
Apr 2007 Guilt and Shame
Jun 2007 Forgiveness  
Oct 2007 Seeing Similarity & Making Connections
Jan 2008 Emergent Knowledge and
The Power of Six
Articles about Emergent Knowledge
Apr 2008 The Power of Six:
Witnessing and Reflections - Harland & Hudson
Jul 2008 Modelling Somatic Awareness
 Body Awareness - Tompkins & Lawley
Oct 2008 Six of one and half a dozen of the other
The Power of Six: A Six-Part Guide to Self-Knowledge - Harland
Jan 2009 Boundaries and Thresholds  
Apr 2009 Psychogeography & Other Aspects of Space Proximity and Meaning - Tompkins & Lawley
Neurobiology of Space - Tompkins & Lawley
When Where Matters - Tompkins & Lawley
Jul 2009 The Six Space Symptom Six Steps to EK - Hudson & Harland
Oct 2009 Tenth Anniversary (joint with Paris Group)
13 Jan 10 The Wobble Structure of Emergence - Hudson & Harland
14 Apr 10 A Future For The Past
30 Jun 10
The Limits of Clean
13 Oct 10
What is Clean?
Clean Conversations - Tompkins & Lawley
19 Jan 11
The Unusual and Obscure
6 Apr 11
Spring Clean (joint with Paris Group)
15 Jun 11
12 Oct 11
Inhibition  Inhibition - Lawley & Tompkins
18 Pan 12
Patterns in Dreams
25 Apr 12
27 Jun 12
How dirty can you get?
10 Oct 12
Etymology: What does a word mean?
13 Feb 13
Love and Desire  Ethics, Love, and Power Relations - Harland
24 Apr 13
What Kind of Love?

19 Jun 13
9 Oct 13


Originally called The Metaphor and Clean Language Research Group, the group was established in 1999 from an initiative by Philip Harland.  

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