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Clean Cards - Nature 

A walk in your inner landscape

A set of finely printed, nature photographs
Clean Language Question Cards

- perfect as a professional tool or for personal use

These exquisite cards are a perfect support and accompaniment for coaching and personal development, using the Symbolic Modelling process and the Clean Language of David Grove. The cards are beautiful, inspiring photographs of nature, printed to an exceptionally high quality with a set of word cards and Clean Language question cards.

The Clean Cards have been created and produced in France by Silvie de Clerck and Jennifer de Gandt. The client or explorer, here called a Walker, is invited, accompanied by their Guide, to discover new pathways and different roads in their inner landscape, to journey and:

  • meet their inner processes of perceiving, thinking and feeling
  • gain new clarity and awareness of how they are currently living their life
  • receive unexpected insights into what they really want
  • release old perceptions and in their own way, develop new ones
  • participate in their own creativity through experiential and non-linear processes
  • reorganize their thinking and feeling about the next steps in her life

These cards are called Clean Cards because they come with no interpretation attached to them.

The questions come from David Grove's Clean Language. David Grove is a therapist from New Zealand who found that by using the client's exact words, the client was enabled to change their own perceptions providing the questions they were asked were free of interpretation and distortion.

Penny Tompkins and James Lawley spent five years modelling David Grove and his use of Clean Language and metaphor. They developed their own process known as Symbolic Modelling which allows a person to be fully aware of their inner processes without a facilitator's interpretation. This enables self-organizing systems to unfold.

Clean Cards come from the meeting of Jennifer de Gandt, promoting and developing Symbolic Modeling and Clean Language in France with Silvie de Clerck, coach and trainer, and the idea of how photographs, words and questions could go together.

For more information and to order your Clean Cards contact:

For more information about Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling and Clean Cards in France (et pour découvrir la version française des Clean Cards) visit:

Jennifer de Gandt & Silvie de Clerck
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