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Announcing ... A New, Collaborative Clean Gathering for 2016

We’d like to announce an exciting initiative for a new kind of event – a clean gathering, self-organised collaboratively by members of the clean community.

We believe we have the resources to do this, applying the same principles of self-organisation that underpin our work.

The intention is for those who want to be involved to organise and run the gathering together annually, starting September 2016.

What kind of gathering it will be, no-one knows yet. This will emerge from the collaboration of those who want to take an active part in making it happen.

We conceive it as a not-for-profit process. Net proceeds from the gathering will be channeled into the next event or other clean projects that the group identifies.

If you would like to join with us in this self-organising, collaborative adventure in clean, do sign up at

Please share this announcement with as many people in the clean community as you can.

17 September 2015

Angela Dunbar Bev Martin Caitlin Walker
Daso Saito
Deshana Matsuda Keith Gregory
Gina Campbell Greta Irving Jackie Arnold
James Lawley Jennifer de Gandt
Judy Rees
Lynne Burney Marian Way
Noémie Dehouck
Penny Tompkins
Phil Swallow
Sharon Small
Shaun Hotchkiss
Sheila Stacey
Silvie De Clerck
Simon Cole
Stuart Clark
Tania Korsak

James Lawley

James LawleyJames Lawley offers psychotherapiy to individuals and couples, and coaching, research and consultancy to organisations. He is a co-developer of Symbolic Modelling and co-author (with Penny Tompkins) of Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling, (with Marian Way) Insights in Space: How to use Clean Space to solve problems, generate ideas and spark creativity and an Online training in Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling. For a more detailed biography see about us and his blog.

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