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Leader-Follower Dynamic - Activity

Part 1 - In pairs

1a. (A) facilitates (B) with Clean Language to create two metaphors for:
 - When you’re leading at your best, that’s like what?

 - When you’re being led as you’d like, that’s like what?
Swap roles, (B) facilitates (A).

1b. (A) and (B) each draw their own two metaphors.

Part 2 - In the same pair

2a. One person places their metaphors where they need to be and then places themself.

From within the metaphors:
 - What do you know from here?

 - What are the advantages/disadvantages of leading this way?

 - What are the advantages/disadvantages of being led this way?

 - Is there a relationship between how you lead and how you like to be led?
Repeat for the other person’s metaphors.

Part 3 - In TWO pairs

3a. Get with another pair and arrange the 8 drawings into two groups: 4 leader metaphors and 4 led metaphors
For each pair, (B) describes (A)’s metaphors and then vice versa.
3b. As a group: 
 - What do you notice about the leader metaphors?

 - What do you notice about the led metaphors?

Part 4 - In same TWO pairs

4a. Place ONE of the leader metaphors next to the 4 led metaphors and ask the owner:
- What can you learn as a leader from how these people like to be led?
Repeat for the other leader metaphors.

4b. Put the 4 leader metaphors together.

Consider: If these four were all part of a leadership team:
 - How would they work together?

 - What challenges would they need to be aware of?
Everyone redraws or updates their own metaphor drawings.

James Lawley

James LawleyJames Lawley offers psychotherapiy to individuals and couples, and coaching, research and consultancy to organisations. He is a co-developer of Symbolic Modelling and co-author (with Penny Tompkins) of Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling, (with Marian Way) Insights in Space: How to use Clean Space to solve problems, generate ideas and spark creativity and an Online training in Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling. For a more detailed biography see about us and his blog.

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