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First published on in 2018

What is Clean Language and Why is it Important?

Andrew Bloomfield

Personal reflections from Andrew Bloomfield who lives with autism and uses Supportive Typing (ST) to communicate. Andrew has found Clean Language to be a remarkable tool for facilitating self-expression and overcoming anxiety and being stuck.

The article provides links to the transcripts of three of Andrew's Clean Language sessions. In these sessions Andrews types his thoughts with the help of an ST facilitator in response to the questions from a Clean Language facilitator.

If you want to see how Andrew communicates there is a link to a heart-warming video in Andrew's bio at the bottom of this page.

Because the links in the article to the sessions are no longer avaialble, we have provided downloadable files below.

Download sessions:

Desired Outcome: To Be A Better Runner. 2 Feb 2013

Andrew Bloomfield
Andrew lives with complex autism and cannot speak with his voice. He uses Supportive Typing to communicate.
You can see Andrew in his 2019 film, It's My Voice, Believe Me! explain how he convinces people in authority that he is the author of his words and speaks up for Bridges-Over-Barriers, a community of communicators who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) he founded in 2004.
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