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First (draft) version of
David Grove's Clean Language Questions
Translated into Italian



And [client's words = X]. And when [X] clean question?



Identifying the attributes, qualities or characteristics (of a metaphor or symbol):

And ... is there anything else about [X]?

And ... what kind of [X] is that [X]?

Cé altro a proposito di quella [X]?

Che tipo di [X] e quella [X]?

Converting, or translating, to metaphor:

And ... that's [X] like what?

Quella é [X] come che cosa?

Identifying a (symbol's) location:

And ... where is [X]?

And ... whereabouts [X] ?

Dov'é [X]?

Dove'é Dove'é?


Forward in time:

And then what happens?

And what happens next?

Dopo cosa succede?

Cosa succede dopo [X]? / E dopo ancora?

Back in time:

And what happens just before [X]?

And where could [X] come from?

Cosa succede subito prima [X]?

Da dove può venire quella [X]?

Translation by Laura Fracasso with Philip Harland philipharland @

See also Clean Language Questions translated into other languages

If you can offer any alternative / improved translations, or translations into any other language, please email them to Philip Harland.

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