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Marian Way

A former teacher, Marian Way went on to carve out a career in Weight Watchers, where she co-developed the POINTS diet, and developed and delivered training programmes which benefitted thousands of people. Marian is an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer who specialises in applications based on Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling and Clean Space. She founded her own company, based on the 'clean' approach, in 2001.
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Articles by this Author
In the Landscape Beyond the Wall
By Marian Way | Published 12 03 2009
Personal stories
A client of Marian Way, Apricot Island, describes the changes that have taken place since her 90 minute Symbolic Modelling Session.

A Heart That Knows
By Marian Way | Published 13 08 2004
Personal stories
Clean Language and Symbolic modelling trainer Marian Way describes how a personal metaphor of 'a heart that knows' re-appeared some years after it's first emergence and, through 3 days of exploration in a Normandy garden, evolved into a life's calling.

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