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Caitlin Walker

Caitlin Walker BA, graduated in Linguistics at the School of Oriental and African Studies and did four years post graduate research including fieldwork in Ghana. From 1996  to 1999 Caitlin was an Education tutor with the Dalston Youth Project, a Home Office run experiment to offer mentoring and accelerated learning to at-risk students. The project won the Crime Prevention and Community Safety award for Great Britain. She has since applied her Clean Language and modelling skills in business and education. Caitlin is an NLP trainer and can be contacted via
Articles by this Author
Book From Contempt to Curiosity
By Caitlin Walker | Published 31 03 2014
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The book is a series of stories from Caitlin Walker's first meeting with David Grove to the development of Clean Modelling for groups and contains the principles and models underpinning Systemic Modelling. It's as relevant to business leaders as it is to parents, to organisational development as it is to creating learning communities.

3 Simple Steps for Better Meetings
Meetings can be the bane of a project; taking up time, causing conflict, achieving little. How often have you listened to people complain about meetings at work? Meetings can also be the boon of a project; co-inspirational, a chance to air and dispel fears, a time to rehearse the next steps and share great practice and get the support you need to work at your best. What would it be like to look forward to meetings knowing you had a tool to navigate more successfully through them?
DVD Intro to Clean Langanuage
By Caitlin Walker | Published 20 12 2007
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An Introduction to Clean Language & Systemic Modelling
A DVD and workbook by Caitlin Walker.
Exercises for personal awareness and skill development in Clean Language and Systemic Modelling in any group setting: trainings, schools, business teams, communities or just for fun.

Metaphors in Mind
in paperback
and eBook
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