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Susan Lien Whigham

20 years ago, Susan's mother suffered a severe nervous breakdown and was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic. Ten years later, Susan began to research schizophrenia in an effort to empower herself and others to seek out a genuine understanding of the psychological condition known as schizophrenia.

Susan is not a doctor, or a psychologist, or a psychiatrist, nor do she have any interest in being any of these things. She has no desire to "rehabilitate" schizophrenics because she don't believe that schizophrenia is a disease. However, she does wish to bring a message of personal empowerment to those who have suffered trauma and are seeking recovery.

Susan's credentials are her experiences, along with an unwavering belief in the value of faith, honesty and personal integrity.
Articles by this Author
Role of Metaphor in Recovery from Trauma
Due to emotional sensitivities, traumatized individuals will often (unwittingly) choose metaphors in place of literal language to describe their traumatic experiences evident in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We can help individuals recover from traumatic events by learning to communicate with them using metaphorical language.

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