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Nancy Doyle, Paul Tosey & Caitlin Walker

Nancy and Caitlin are co-directors of Training Attention Ltd. You can read case studies of the application for Systemic Modelling at:

Dr. Paul Tosey is the Assistant Director of the Centre for Management Learning at the University of Surrey and is co-author of A Critical Appreciation of NLP.
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Systemic Modelling: coaching for organisational learning
We introduce our organisational coaching process, Systemic Modelling, outlining where it comes from and how it works as a cornerstone of our organisational development work. We present a case study and evaluation of results. We track the shift in thinking of a group of senior managers from a silo mentality, blame or defense culture to networking, collaboration and creativity.  We conclude with a reflection of the impact team coaching had on organisational learning.

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June 2020

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