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Jacqueline Anne Surin

Jacqueline Ann Surin is a certified Level 1 Clean Facilitator, and the first certified Level 1 Systemic Modeller in Asia. She is Specialist Trainer and Coach for Leadership Development at People Potential in Singapore and Malaysia, and is leading the development of Clean Language in Southeast Asia. She is also an associate of Training Attention in the UK.
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Published 29 06 2017
Download a print-friendly version: 2017-06-29_Putting_the_Client_in_Charge.pdf This first guest blog is written by Jacqueline Ann Surin Who’s in charge? Clean coaching ...
Published 11 11 2017
Download a print-friendly version: 2017-11-11_Managing_client_expectations_and_coaching_confidentiality.pdf This is Jacqueline Ann Surin's second guest blog Earlier this ...

13-16 May 2022

W. Kirby, England

*** in person ***

Six of the world's leading clean facilitators will support your personal development using the whole range of Clean Language approaches

And, you can observe them working with others and ask questions to find out how they do what they so well.

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