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Judy Yero

Judith Lloyd Yero is a teacher and director of Mindsight Educational Services. She is certified as an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer. Judy has authored, Teaching in Mind: The Unexamined World of Teacher Thought, a book about the ways in which teachers' beliefs and metaphors influence their behaviour. You can contact Judy via:
Articles by this Author
¬°Cuida tu lenguaje!
By Judy Yero | Published 20 08 2004
Introduccion en español al Clean Language (Lenguaje Limpio) de David Grove y al Symbolic Modelling (Modelaje Simbólico) de Penny Tompkins y James Lawley.
Traducido al español por: Pedro Henríquez
Review of MiM in Anchor Point
By Judy Yero | Published 03 03 2001
Reviews of Metaphors in Mind
A book review of Metaphors in Mind, first published in Anchor Point, The Practical Journal of NLP, Vol. 15, No. 3, March 2001, written by Judith Lloyd Yero.
Watch Your Language!
By Judy Yero | Published 01 03 2001
Introductory CL

NLP's therapeutic use of language in the Meta and Milton Models works admirably with the sensory and cognitive domains of experience. There is a third domain--metaphors--and now, a third linguistic model that can be used to explore the metaphoric landscapes that people describe as they share their mental experience.

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