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Carol Wilson

Carol Wilson is Honorary Vice President of the Association for Coaching and experienced the value of a coaching culture at first hand while working at board level for Richard Branson during the early years of Virgin. Since becoming a coach 5 years ago, Carol has trained or supervised the training of over 400 coaches in the public, corporate and private sectors, is a keynote speaker, broadcaster and writer, has written a guide to coaching called The Coaches' Handbook and was nominated for the AC Influence in Coaching Award 2004.

Carol has incorporated David Grove's methods into her coaching work since 2002, and was invited last year to partner David in defining his techniques into a Clean Coaching methodology, see the articles written with David Grove.

For further information visit: and or contact Carol on .

Articles by this Author
Metaphor & Symbolic Modelling For Coaches
  • Use of metaphor in coaching, therapy and healing
  • Development of Symbolic Modelling and Clean Language
  • How and why Symbolic Modelling works
  • Unique elements of Symbolic Modelling
  • The structure of a session
  • Case history
  • References

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