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Angela Dunbar

Angela is an accredited life and performance coach and MD of her own training & development consultancy. She specializes in helping people to find their niche in their career, business or life in general. Through metaphor and Emergent Knowldge, Angela enables people to explore their innermost drives and discover their own creative solutions to achieve their goals. For more information go to

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Coaching Toolbox: Emergent Knowledge
By Angela Dunbar | Published 01 04 2009
Coaching , Emergent Knowledge
This simple and quick technique is based on the work of David Grove. This process, known as 'Emergent Knowledge' is even 'cleaner than clean', in that the process relies mainly on repetition of the same kind of question 6 times which has the effect of adding a deeper understanding of the same kind of knowledge, until everything the client understands reaches a kind of critical mass – and a new level of understanding breaks through.
Using Metaphors with Coaching

As a tool for coaching, the client's metaphors give you an insight into their unique perception of their situation and their goals. When the client tells you that they can 'see light at the end of the tunnel', that is what they are experiencing. There is light for them, and they are in a tunnel. They will unconsciously 'know' much more about their situation from this metaphoric viewpoint.


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