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Judy Rees

Author, trainer and consultant Judy Rees is passionate about effective communication, especially in business and online. She is an expert in the questioning and listening technique Clean Language, and the co-author (with Wendy Sullivan) of the category bestseller Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds. Judy is fascinated by the most neglected, yet possibly most important, aspect of communication: listening. See
Articles by this Author
What Makes a Modeller?
What actually makes a great modeller? Penny Tompkins and James Lawley should know. They are not only expert modellers themselves, but have undertaken a number of modelling projects in which they have modelled great modellers.
Six Degrees of David Grove
By Judy Rees | Published 01 04 2006
About David Grove
It was always going to be an adventure — the first interview maverick therapeutic genius David Grove had given since 1996. So maybe it wasn't surprising to find myself dangling upside-down in a dark, sub-zero November car park on a psycho-active fairground ride. Maybe I should have expected another result, too: massive personal change at the deepest level. That's what I got.

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