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Bob Janes

Bob Janes is an independent consultant, writer, coach and trainer fascinated by communication in personal and organisational development. He has just completed an MSc thesis exploring affective and cognitive approaches to organisational change. He has an increasing interest in the melding of thought from many fields in the study of subjective experience. He can be contacted through his web site at where you will find more of his many book book reviews written for Rapport.
Articles by this Author
Review of MiM in Rapport
By Bob Janes | Published 01 12 2000
Reviews of Metaphors in Mind
A book review of Metaphors in Mind, first published in Rapport, the journal of the Association for NLP (UK), Issue 50, Winter 2000, written by Bob Janes.
Review of MiM in NLP World
By Bob Janes | Published 01 11 2000
Reviews of Metaphors in Mind
This book review of Metaphors in Mind, first published in NLP World, Volume 7, No. 3, November 2000, written by Bob Janes.
Different ways to: Look at, Talk about, and Get to grips with NLP
By Bob Janes | Published 01 12 1995
Introductory NLP
NLP is only a model. It isn't 'right' or 'wrong' it's only as useful as it is useful. One of the basic tenets of NLP is "if it isn't working, try something else" - and this applies to NLP as much as anything else. Here are three different descriptions of NLP. Dip into each of them and see which is most to your liking:

* A description in terms of baking a cake.
* An interview with James Lawley who uses NLP in his work as a psychotherapist and business consultant.
* A more formal description in terms of psychological and therapeutic models.

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