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Self Pondering Using Clean Language
By Name Withheld | Published 12 06 2012
Self Development
When I encountered Clean Language, I wondered whether I could use it on myself to overcome problems. I have had enough success to be quite hopeful, and I think it is becoming easier. This article describes my understandings and some examples of applying them to myself. 
Life after Grovian Metaphor
By Name Withheld | Published 05 09 2001
Personal stories
I started Grovian Metaphor sessions with Philip Harland. This turned out to be a regular monthly event for three years: three years of therapy was more than I had planned for, but it was such fun to do. It took a few sessions for Philip and I to build up the trust I needed, but once that was established I let all the demons out of the closet: all those secrets I had kept hidden since a boy. In my dreams they were monsters but when they came into the light they turned out to be just thin, tired, old men so grateful at long last to have been let off the hook ...
Nexus - A Client's Dilemma
By Name Withheld | Published 01 12 1998
Personal stories

What follows is a client's description of what happened before, during and after two therapy sessions of Symbolic Modelling with Penny Tompkins and James Lawley.

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