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Michael Mallows

Michael Mallows is a management trainer and consultant, and a psychotherapist with a background in Transactional Analysis, NLP, Co-Counselling and the Enneagram. He is the author of The Power to Use NLP, and co-aurhor of Peace of Mind is a Piece of Cake. He can be contacted via and
Articles by this Author
Jay's Story
By Michael Mallows | Published 29 12 2003
Introductory CL
"Jay’s journey prior to adoption was traumatic. Since adoption, his path has remained much troubled and, like many adopted teenagers, and adults, he wonders at times whether he is mad or bad." This case study demonstrates how Michael blends Clean Language seamlessly with what he already does so elegantly - mixing various techniques and models to therapeutic effect.
Review of MiM in New Learning
By Michael Mallows | Published 01 09 2000
Reviews of Metaphors in Mind
A book review of Metaphors in Mind, first published in New Learning, The Journal of the NLP Education Network, Issue 8, Autumn 2000, written by Michael Mallows.

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