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Penny Tompkins, Wendy Sullivan & James Lawley

Penny Tompkins and James Lawley have both been UKCP registered neurolinguistic psychotherapists since 1993, supervisors, coaches in business and certified NLP trainers. They co-authored, Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling and a training DVD, A Strange and Strong Sensation. They are the founders of The Developing Company and creators of Symbolic Modelling, using the Clean Language of David Grove.

Wendy Sullivan is a Speech and Language Therapist and certified NLP trainer. She works as a psychotherapist, coach and trainer of Symbolic Modelling. She runs free teleclasses for people new to Clean Language and has co-authored an introductory book, Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors Opening Minds Visit for information about training in Symbolic Modelling with Wendy, Penny and James.

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Tangled Spaghetti in My Head: Making use of metaphor
Many therapists and counsellors work intuitively with their clients' metaphors -- without knowing there is a language model and a process for doing so. Clean Language is the basis of the appoach and it can be encorporated into most therapeutic modalities.


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