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By James Lawley | 09 04 2022
Download print-friendly version: 2022-04-09_Answers_to_Ukrainian_particpants_10_questions_v2.pdf Penny Tompkins and I are supporting 24 Ukrainian psychologists and psychotherapists to find effectiv...
Download a print-friendly version: 2020-02-20_Evolution_of_PRO_model.pdf  Penny and James, how long did you work on developing the P.R.O. model? It looks deceptively easy but has so many facets. I'm ...
By Jacqueline Anne Surin | 11 11 2017
Download a print-friendly version: 2017-11-11_Managing_client_expectations_and_coaching_confidentiality.pdf This is Jacqueline Ann Surin's second guest blog Earlier this ...
By Jacqueline Anne Surin | 29 06 2017
Download a print-friendly version: 2017-06-29_Putting_the_Client_in_Charge.pdf This first guest blog is written by Jacqueline Ann Surin Who’s in charge? Clean coaching sess...
By James Lawley | 25 02 2017
Download a print-friendly version: 2017-02-26_I_want_a_clean_house.pdfThe following transcript comes from the start of a Symbolic Modelling session facilitated by Penny Tompkins over Skype. The client...
By James Lawley | 23 12 2016
In response to his 9 Dec 2016 blog, Framing what happens in your sessions for maximum impact, Steve Andreas received this request: Clean Language has, what I think, is a great initial frame. That is ...
By James Lawley | 05 04 2014
Download a print-friendly version: 2014-04-05_Choosing_a_Modelling_Project.pdf I had an interesting dialogue with a student preparing for their first modelling project as part of a master NLP tr...
By James Lawley | 21 02 2014
Download a print-friendly version: 2014-02-21_A_Modellers_Perspective.pdf Introduction One vital aspect of modelling rarely made explicit is the perspective adopted by the modeller when modell...
By James Lawley | 29 01 2014
Download a print-friendly version: 2014-01-29_I_Don't_Know_What_I_Want.pdf Symbolic Modelling is an outcome orientated methodology,[1] but that doesn't mean we only work with desired outcomes. And it...
By James Lawley | 21 01 2014
Download a print-friendly version: 2014-01-21_ Facilitator_choices_clients_nonverbal_behaviour.pdf   The video in my last blog, The Tree of Wisdom, has resulted in some fascinating observations, comm...
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