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By James Lawley | 17 08 2013
Download a print-friendly version: 2013-08-17_Fogg_Model_of_Behavior_Change.pdfBJ Fogg of Stanford University has created a Fogg Behavior Model and a Fogg Behavior Grid. The Grid describes 15 ways beh...
By James Lawley | 15 08 2013
Download a print-friendly version: 2013-08-15_Nobody_Duped_Me-Modelling_Self-deception.pdfI recently rediscovered an article Penny Tompkins and I wrote in 2009 but never published. In it we examine a ...
By James Lawley | 10 06 2013
Download a print-friendly version: 2013-06-10_Diffiuclties_Modelling_David_Grove.pdf I’ve just been asked two intriguing questions: How long after you started modelling David Grove did you start tra...
By James Lawley | 21 05 2013
"Client feedback is often inversely correlated to coaching quality — it is one of the least reliable measures we have." Or so a recent post to an coaching online discussion group would have us belie...
By James Lawley | 01 03 2013
Download a print-friendly version: 2013-03-01_What_are_Double_Binds.pdf During workshops I’m often asked: What is a ‘double bind’ and why do you think “Be spontaneous!” and “Damned if I do...
By James Lawley | 10 02 2013
Download a print-friendly version: 2013-02-10_What_Constitutes_Clean_Language_v5.pdf I was recently asked “What constitutes Clean Language?”. A fairly straightforward question you might think un...
By James Lawley | 04 02 2013
Download a print-friendly version: 2013-02-04_Maximising_Serendipity_for_Personal_Change.pdf This blog first appeared in the newsletter of the SerenA project whose aim is "to transform research proc...
By James Lawley | 14 10 2012
Download a print-friendly version: 2012-10-14_Surgery_and_Metaphor.pdfTamsin Hartley, coach and Clean Language facilitator, has just had an excellent article, Cutting Edge Metaphors, published in the ...
By James Lawley | 27 08 2012
Download a print-friendly version: 2012-08-27_How_Clean_is_How_Far.pdf In Metaphors in Mind, Penny Tompkins and I originally listed ‘How far?’ among (what we called) the ‘specialised’ clean...
By James Lawley | 15 08 2012
Download a print-friendly version: 2012-08-15_More_Good_DEEDS.pdf My second blog about DEEDS [see part 1] delves deeper into a group of ideas which pose an alternative to the standard computationa...
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