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By James Lawley | 09 08 2012
Download a print-friendly version: 2012-08-09 DEEDS putting minds back together.pdf Every model has philosophical assumptions, even if they are not made explicit. In Metaphors in Mind, Penny Tompkins ...
By James Lawley | 02 06 2012
Download a print-friendly version: 2012-06-02 Accessing Transpersonal States.pdf Question: I think that clean would be a great method to explore some of the topics which seem esoteric and intangible ...
By James Lawley | 28 05 2012
Download a print-friendly version: 2012-28-05 How to Start Modelling an Exemplar.pdf Question: When you want to enhance your own state-accessing and emotional flexibility – say, "I want to feel...
By James Lawley | 05 04 2012
Download a print-friendly version: 2012-04-05 Pointing Attention.pdf In a previous blog (24 Feb 2012) I explored the nature of pointing and its relevance to the perspective I adopt as a symbolic model...
By James Lawley | 21 03 2012
Download a print-friendly version: 2012-03-21 Making Complex Decisions Rapidly.pdf "Complex Decisions: Difficult to Make, Difficult to Model?" was the title of a talk I recently attended at the Univer...
By James Lawley | 16 03 2012
Download a print-friendly version: 2012-03-16_Setting_up_Clean_Space_v3.pdf (revised 27 March 2012)When David Grove was developing Clean Space he was inspired by Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Scienc...
By James Lawley | 24 02 2012
Download a print-friendly version: 2012-02-24 The Point of Pointing.pdf After more than a decade of searching for a satisfying analogy that describes the perspective I take when I am symbolic modellin...
By James Lawley | 16 02 2012
Download a print-friendly version: 2012-02-16 What do you know about SyM.pdf Penny Tompkins and I were modelled during an Advanced NLP Modelling Seminar run by  Inspiritive. On the first day parti...
By James Lawley | 15 02 2012
Download a print-friendly version: 2012-02-15 Chaotic nature of the reorganization process.pdf I was asked a fascinating question:I "get" the emergent, bottom-up nature of this work. And it is f...
By James Lawley | 13 02 2012
Download a print-friendly version: 2012-02-14 Anchoring symbols in space.pdf Here's another of my posts from the no-longer available archives (date unknown, but sometime between 2003 and 2005):A pa...
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