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Business & Organisations

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3 Simple Steps for Better Meetings
Meetings can be the bane of a project; taking up time, causing con´Čéict, achieving little. How often have you listened to people complain about meetings at work? Meetings can also be the boon of a project; co-inspirational, a chance to air and dispel fears, a time to rehearse the next steps and share great practice and get the support you need to work at your best. What would it be like to look forward to meetings knowing you had a tool to navigate more successfully through them?
How to create a 'clean' company
I ran a workshop at the 10th International Anti-Corruption Conference held in Prague in October 2001: "How to create a 'clean' company" i.e. one run in such a way that the risk of corruption is prevented. The workshop was designed for the strongly multi-cultural setting, and the metaphors generated were sometimes much richer than those one might meet in a workshop with UK nationals.
Self-Organising Systems: Findhorn
By James Lawley | Published 08 01 2003
Business & Organisations
This paper was written in preparation for the facilitation by the Clean Team* of a Large Group Metaphor Process at The Findhorn Community during 13-16 January, 2003. The paper's aim was to raise the Team's awareness of:
  • the key features of self-organising systems
  • how these might manifest in a community setting
  • how this knowledge can inform the way we facilitate.
* James Lawley, Penny Tompkins, Steve Callaghan, Wendy Sullivan, Phil Swallow, Caitlin Walker and Marian Way.
Introducing Modelling to Organisations

"What is NLP modelling?"  This article contains a brief overview of the five stages of a modelling project. It includes a 'checklist' of items and questions to consider when you decide to embark on a modelling project in an organisation, as well as an annotated reading list.

How You Manage To Lead
Leadership is often talked about in the business world today. Is this because it is one of the more difficult concepts to specify? This articles combines NLP with other approaches to explore the nominalisations we label leadership and management.

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