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A Clean Corner of Coaching Supervision
By Ken Smith | Published 01 05 2012
How can I bring out and work with my client’s agenda and keep out of the way?  An answer in my coaching practice has been to use Clean Language.  Now that I work as a supervisor, I have been discovering the place Clean Language can have in supervision too.

Systemic Modelling: coaching for organisational learning
We introduce our organisational coaching process, Systemic Modelling, outlining where it comes from and how it works as a cornerstone of our organisational development work. We present a case study and evaluation of results. We track the shift in thinking of a group of senior managers from a silo mentality, blame or defense culture to networking, collaboration and creativity.  We conclude with a reflection of the impact team coaching had on organisational learning.

Transforming Performance with The Five Minute Coach
By Lynne Cooper | Published 01 10 2009
Coaching , Business & Organisations
How leaders, managers and supervisors can help push responsibility back down the organisation, and to move an organisation from problem thinking to outcome thinking – one five-minute conversation at a time.
Coaching Toolbox: Emergent Knowledge
By Angela Dunbar | Published 01 04 2009
Coaching , Emergent Knowledge
This simple and quick technique is based on the work of David Grove. This process, known as 'Emergent Knowledge' is even 'cleaner than clean', in that the process relies mainly on repetition of the same kind of question 6 times which has the effect of adding a deeper understanding of the same kind of knowledge, until everything the client understands reaches a kind of critical mass – and a new level of understanding breaks through.
Metaphorically Speaking
By Liz Hall | Published 01 07 2006
Interviews with Penny & James , Coaching
In an interview, James Lawley describes how metaphors can be used in coaching to help clients explore issues at a very deep level.
Six Degrees of Freedom: Intuitive Problem Solving with Emergent Knowledge
Written with Carol Wilson this article covers the history and principles of Emergent Knowledge as developed by David Grove. It also includes a sample framework for the Emergent Knowledge process.

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