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Clean Space
Articles related to David Grove's Clean Space process and other uses of perceptual space in change processes.

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Perceptual Space
By Mike Warren | Published 01 06 1999
Clean Space , Models of Perception
Space is not 'nothing'. It may be no 'thing', but that is not the same as 'nothing'. It is probably the most overlooked aspect of cognition. Just as the goldfish in its bowl does not include the no-thingness of its water (or rather, the clarity of its water) in its cognition of things, so we tend to disregard  the space within which our cognitive processes function. I say within which our cognitive processes function, because the evidence is that we do not think within our heads, but within our perceptual space. The totality of human subjective experience would seem to be an intimate interaction between the body , the Perceptual Space and its Generative Source (not considered within the scope of this article).
Clean Space workshop report (in Dutch & English)
By Madelon Sinnige | Published 01 03 2019
Clean Space , Dutch

Madelon Sinnige's report on a Clean Space workshop facilitated by James Lawley and Michael Oskam
 in the Netherlands, October 2018. Orginal in Dutch and translated here in English.

Thinking Networks II
By James Lawley | Published 05 06 2004
The Developing Group , Clean Space
Our aim is "To get you to think networks. It is about how networks emerge, what they look like, and how they evolve. ... Networks are present everywhere. All we need is an eye for them."

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