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Emergent Knowledge

Six Degrees of Freedom: Intuitive Problem Solving with Emergent Knowledge
Written with Carol Wilson this article covers the history and principles of Emergent Knowledge as developed by David Grove. It also includes a sample framework for the Emergent Knowledge process.
Emergent Knowledge and Clean Coaching
By David Grove | Published 01 07 2005
Coaching , Emergent Knowledge , Articles by Grove
This article covers the development of David Grove's Emergent Knowledge (ΣK™) and Carol Wilson's Clean Coaching which includes aspects of ΣK™.  It also looks at the differences between Clean Coaching and conventional coaching and explores some of the principles of Emergent Knowledge including a case study.
Joining Up the work of David Grove
This paper presents a model that ‘joins up’ the three main phases of David Grove's work. Rather than trying to integrate the phases into a single process I have maintained the individuality of each domain and language model. I used the metaphor of ‘join up’ because David was inspired by The Horse Whisper, Monty Roberts.
Iteration, Iteration, Iteration
If you search for 'iteration' on the web you will find precious little outside the domain of mathematics and computing. And yet iteration is commonly seen in nature as a way for organisms to grow and develop and as a change process in an increasing number of psychotherapeutic procedures. So what is iteration and how can we make use of it? These are unpublished notes written for The Developing Group.
Coaching Toolbox: Emergent Knowledge
By Angela Dunbar | Published 01 04 2009
Coaching , Emergent Knowledge
This simple and quick technique is based on the work of David Grove. This process, known as 'Emergent Knowledge' is even 'cleaner than clean', in that the process relies mainly on repetition of the same kind of question 6 times which has the effect of adding a deeper understanding of the same kind of knowledge, until everything the client understands reaches a kind of critical mass – and a new level of understanding breaks through.
Equus Emergence EGEL
By John Farrell | Published 01 07 2007
Emergent Knowledge
John Farrell and Karen Frederick worked extensively with David Grove and Steve Saunders in the early years of Emergence Knowledge development. Taking David’s lead, they explored minimising interaction with the client’s process using Emergent Knowledge while introducing horses into the environment. The horses roamed freely in the arena. The client incorporated the horse into their process interpreting the horse’s actions as they saw fit and recognising the horse’s reactions in their own metaphor.

What is Emergence?
The point is not to have another piece of knowledge called 'emergence'; rather it is to learn to think and operate in a new way. A way that is congruent with the subject matter: bottom-up, circular feedback loops, indirect control. While we may talk about emergence, our aim is to create conditions for you to 'think emergently'.

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