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Emergent Knowledge and Clean Coaching
By David Grove | Published 01 07 2005
Coaching , Emergent Knowledge , Articles by Grove
This article covers the development of David Grove's Emergent Knowledge (ΣK™) and Carol Wilson's Clean Coaching which includes aspects of ΣK™.  It also looks at the differences between Clean Coaching and conventional coaching and explores some of the principles of Emergent Knowledge including a case study.
Six Degrees of Freedom: Intuitive Problem Solving with Emergent Knowledge
Written with Carol Wilson this article covers the history and principles of Emergent Knowledge as developed by David Grove. It also includes a sample framework for the Emergent Knowledge process.
Philosophy and Principles of Clean Language
A list of 17 principles related to the use of Clean Language (from talk given by David Grove at a Clean Language Research Day in London, 13 November 1998).
Clean Space: the first workshop 2002
By David Grove | Published 01 02 2002
Clean Space , Articles by Grove
These may be the first written notes of David Grove describing his embryonic Clean Space process during a workshop in Auckland, New Zealand in February 2002.
Problem Domains And Non-Traumatic Resolution Through Metaphor Therapy
The quadrants provide a sense of the holographic nature of problem domains and provide a context for understanding how the mechanisms function in a matrix of space and time. The objective of this therapy is to find a solution to a particular problem domain by tracing the undesirable symptom back through time to its originator. A powerful 'redemptive metaphor' can then be discovered prior to the origination that can be utilized to heal the etiology and its entire evolution into the client's life.
Lisa's Tapestry - A Quadrant II Intervention

Tapestry image

This intervention by David Grove is taken from a therapist training video called Tapestry. The client comes with a long-standing feeling of shame. An important feature of this intervention is how David works in such a way that the client does not have to reveal the content of the particular experience.
Paul's Fear - Quadrant IV Intervention
Paul's fear artworkThe following is a demonstration conducted by David Grove with a volunteer Paul, in front of an audience. In this unravelling of information and lecture to the audience, David demonstrates the powerful healing capabilities of the redemptive metaphor.
Comments and transcription by Rob McGavock.
Pins & Needles: a Quadrant II case study
A 39-year old woman client presented in therapy with excessive feelings of guilt. This intervention from David Grove's early work switches quite rapidly from metaphor, memory and childwithin. It illustrates how to map the changing locus of attention; how to make sure all the information is woven back into the narrative, crossed over and transformed; and how to work with 'a nested childwithin'.
David Grove: Bibliography of publications (1987-1992)
By David Grove | Published 10 10 2003
Articles by Grove

We are attempting to construct a comprehensive archive of all materials produced by David Grove. Apart from Resolving Traumatic Memories, all the publications listed are out of print. If you can add any information to this list, or can provide any original material to the David Grove Archive, please contact us at the address below.

David Grove: summary of ideas (as of 2003)
By David Grove | Published 01 10 2003
Articles by Grove
At the end of 2003 David Grove set out to summarize the key concepts behind his work (at that time spanning 20 years). The following manuscript was compiled with the help of friends but it was never finished. 

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