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Report on French NLP Congress 2001
By James Lawley | Published 04 05 2001
Advanced NLP , French
A report in English on a French NLP Congress in 2001
Executive Coaching
By Penny Tompkins & James Lawley | Published 01 09 1996
Advanced NLP
Executive Coaching involves one to one meetings with a specialist trained in how people change. It is designed to pinpoint specific changes that will be the difference that makes the difference in a person improving their performance. However, knowing what you want to change and knowing how to go about changing it require two different approaches ...
Comments on It Certainly Ain't Clean
By James Lawley | Published 06 04 2011
SyM and NLP , Advanced NLP
My discussions with Andrew Austin and Steve Andreas on the similarities and differences between Andy's Metaphors of Movement process and Symbolic Modelling/Clean Language.
What Makes a Modeller?
What actually makes a great modeller? Penny Tompkins and James Lawley should know. They are not only expert modellers themselves, but have undertaken a number of modelling projects in which they have modelled great modellers.
Outcome Orientation
By James Lawley | Published 01 02 2007
Advanced NLP
Handouts for Northern School of NLP Diploma in Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy, Module 2, Feb 2007. Contents: 1. Outcome Orientation; 2. Roots of NLP; 3. Difference Engines; 4. Desired Outcomes as Creations; 5. When the Solution is the Problem; 6. Conscious Purpose.

Healing Embodied Metaphors
By Donna Weber | Published 01 07 2002
Advanced NLP , Advanced metaphor , Health

This article describes a structured approach to working with embodied metaphors. The approach is based on Robert Dilts' (1990) method of combining problem states with resource states to create a desired state. When working with metaphors the process can be rewritten as follows: problem metaphor + resource metaphor = desired outcome metaphor.

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