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The Clean Language questions of David Grove translated into Spanish + other articles in Spanish.

Spanish Clean Questions
By Article Translators | Published 22 06 2006

Clean Questions translated into Spanish by Pedro Henríquez, Charo Garzón, Mariette Castellino and Phil Swallow

Met√°foras en la Mente
By Penny Tompkins & James Lawley | Published 20 01 2005

El artículo "Metaphors in Mind: A Case Study" de Penny Tompkins y James Lawley - traducido al español por Pedro Henríquez

¬°Cuida tu lenguaje!
By Judy Yero | Published 20 08 2004
Introduccion en español al Clean Language (Lenguaje Limpio) de David Grove y al Symbolic Modelling (Modelaje Simbólico) de Penny Tompkins y James Lawley.
Traducido al español por: Pedro Henríquez

13-16 May 2022

W. Kirby, England

*** in person ***

Six of the world's leading clean facilitators will support your personal development using the whole range of Clean Language approaches

And, you can observe them working with others and ask questions to find out how they do what they so well.

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