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If your site is related to Symbolic Modelling, Clean Language, the 'clean' approach or any other aspects of David Grove's work and you would like to be included in this listing, please contact us [PT=Penny Tompkins; JL= James Lawley] .

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Sites about Symbolic Modelling, Clean Language, Emergent Knowledge and the work of David Grove

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Sites about Symbolic Modelling, Clean Language and the work of David Grove  Angela Dunbar runs a coaching and training company which incorporates Symbolic Modelling and Emergent Knowldge.  With a Clean approach, Angela Watson supports doctors, nurses, managers and other healthcare professionals through coaching and facilitation. Lynne Cooper and Mariette Castellino of Change Perspectives are authors of The Five Minute Coach and use Symbolic Modelling to create lasting change for organisations through training, individual Executive Coaching and facilitated team work as illustrated by numerous case studies on their website.  Christoffer de Graal is a member of the Association for Coaching and works extensively with imagery, symbol, metaphor and is a great advocate of the work by David Grove, Penny Tompkins and James Lawley as well as the Tibetan Buddhist Masters, that have influenced and guided him on his own journey.  Ian Haldane does fascinating Clean work in New Zealand.  Wendy Sullivan runs the Clean Change Company and is co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds and is a recognised Level I Clean Facilitator Assessor. CCC provides a certified 8-module program of training in Clean Language, Clean Space and Symbolic Modelling [PT & JL train on the four later modules]. Her associate Margaret Mayer is also a recognised Level I Clean Facilitator Assessor.  Ned Skelton runs the Clean Coaching Company Ltd. and uses Clean Language and modelling to facilitate improved performance, both in business and sports. Carol Wilson has incorporated David Grove's techniques into her coaching and training for several years, she has collaborated with David on translating his Emergent Knowledge techniques into a clear structure for use in coaching. See articles by Carol here.  The Clean Forum is an e-forum about all things Clean and it's free! Devised and run by Phil Swallow there are sections on Frequently-Asked-Questions, Practical Applications, Research and Practice groups. A separate section for you to promote your services and events.  Clean Language Australia is a Sydney-based enterprise offering clean training and workshops. Marian Way, author of Clean Approaches for Coaches, is a highly-skilled practitioner and a recognised Level I Clean Facilitator Assessor. She has trained Symbolic Modelling on four continents.  Coaching For Success was established in 1996 and specialises in the application of Symbolic Modelling & Clean Language in Executive coaching, Sports coaching and Performance Coaching.  Noémie Dehouck provides Clean Language training and supervision for French speakers. David Grove was the genius who started it all. The originator of Clean Language, Grovian Metaphor Therapy, Clean Space, Emergent Knowledge, and more ... Greta Irving is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, coach, facilitator and trainer who incorporates clean approaches in to much of her work and is a recognised Level I Clean Facilitator Assessor.  Nick Pole is a mind/body/energy therapist who draws on eastern and western sources, including Clean Language, to help clients listen to what their symptoms may be telling them.  Steve Saunders provides workshops on his development of David Grove's work with emergence.  Ken Smith edits an e-journal 'The Listener' and as a coach has "Clean Language at the core of my practice". See articles by Ken here. Gina Campbell offers trainings in the USA for healing professionals and private sessions for individuals. Her website has some audio and video sample sessions.  Martin Snoddon incorporates Clean Language and metaphor with great success in his work facilitating groups and individuals dealing with the legacy of violent conflict.  Denise Marleyn incorporates Symbolic Modelling into her psychotherapy and coaching practice. Sally Phillips of Phillips Development provides expert services, mainly in the public and voluntary sectors incorporating coaching using Clean Language.  Philip Harland and Matthew Hudson have developed this site, a great resource dedicated to the last phase of David Grove's innovative work. NB. You need to register (free) to get full access to the site.  Phil Swallow an experienced practitioner and trainer of Symbolic Modelling and a recognised Level I Clean Facilitator Assessor – who also designed this web site.  Sharon Small, author of “The End of Therapy” is a highly-skilled practitioner and a recognized Level I Clean Facilitator Assessor. Based in the USA, she has trained Symbolic Modeling in four countries. Sharon also teaches clean interview techniques to cause analysts, auditors and human performance professionals.  Matthew Hudson was David Grove's assistant during 2007, the last year of David's life. Self-Alignment developed out of this partnership. Morris Berg incorporates Clean Language and Therapeutic Metaphor into his work as an NLP Coach. Judy Yero is author of Teaching In Mind: How Teacher Thinking Shapes Education. If you have an interest in the role of metaphor in education, you'll enjoy this site. See articles by Judy here.  The Performance Solution offer a coaching certificate incorporating Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling that gives credits towards an MA in Coaching with Kingston University.  Caitlin Walker is one of the most experienced trainers and practitioners of Symbolic Modelling and Systemic Modelling. The site has details of their trainings, consultancy and examples of their work in business, education and therapy. See articles by Caitlin & Nancy here and here.  Philip Harland's site is an independent, not-for-profit publisher specialising in books and articles related to the core values and practices of David Grove. See articles by Philip here. Judy Rees is co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds and a recognised Level I Clean Facilitator Assessor. She has co-created a number of products including Clean Change Cards and an associated I-Phone app. See articles by Judy here.  Zannie Barrett is a UKCP registered psychotherapist specialising in Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling work with trauma, based in Belfast, N. Ireland.  Rupert Meese offers coaching using Symbolic Modelling and Clean Language.

Other-than-English Clean sites  Jan Nehyba and Jakub Lanc working with and promoting clean in The Czech Republic. Read their article published in Czech.
  Hans-Peter Wellke is introducing Symbolic Modelling and Clean Language in Germany and has produced a German version of Clean Change Cards.  Clean Language France - the clean community in France have a communal site for all things clean.  Clean Language Poland - Bogena Pieskiewicz has created this site for all things clean in Poland.  Maaike Nooitgedagt and Wendy Nieuwland provide Symbolic Modelling and Clean Language training and consultancy, and Modelling Shared Reality in Holland. Maaike is a recognised Level I Clean Facilitator Assessor.  Jennifer de Gandt provides a range of courses in clean approaches in France. [We trained here for many years - PT & JL.]  Lynne Burney provides training courses in France for coaches. Lynne teaches and supervises the practice of Clean Language, Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge.
  Silvie de Clerck created Clean Cards Nature and provides training and coaching in France.  Nadine Lecamus provides training in Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling in France.

Sites about: NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)  Brian Van der Horst has several articles on Cognitive Science, Ken Wilber and NLP all which provide great background knowledge for Symbolic Modelling.  David Gordon and Graham Dawes have developed an approach to NLP modelling using an Experiential Array. Their site has details of models constructed using their approach. [A great NLP modelling training - JL.] Charles Faulkner has done more to introduce Cognitive Linguistics into NLP than anyone else we know. run by Chris and Jules Collingwood are steeped in the John Grinder tradition of modelling. [We were exemplars on their 2011 & 2012 Advance Modeling Seminars - PT & JL]  The NLP Kitchen (formerly The Northern School of NLP) is run by Fran Burgess and Derek Jackson. A resource-based site created from 30+ years of NLP learning providing a host of videos and powerpoints, stories, quotes and poems, quizzes and puzzles, and loads of exercises.  Annual NLP conference previously organised by Jo Hogg and now run by Anglo-American Books each November in London. [We often present here - PT & JL.]  NLP research has a database full of interesting references.  The now defunct London NLP Group was co-founded by PT & JL  in 1991 - see Building Community with NLP for the inside story.  NLP-South is a practice group meeting in Eastleigh Hampshire (at the end of the M3 and near the M27) organised by Nigel Heath. The group meets once a month on the first Thursday and all levels of NLP are welcome.  Robert Dilts is a co-founder of NLP University and probably the most influential NLP'er after Richard Bandler and John Grinder. [We did our NLP Trainers' Training here - PT & JL.] Judith DeLozier and Robert have generously made their NLP Encyclopaedia available to all via the web.

nlpwhisperinginthewind  John Grinder (one of the co-founders of NLP) and Carmen Bostic debate modelling and their book, Whispering in the Wind.  PPD Learning Ltd. offers high quality NLP training run by the effervescent Judith Lowe. [We did our first NLP Master Practitioner here - PT & JL.]  Lucas Derks' book Social Panoramas is one we highly recommend not only because there are several overlaps with Symbolic Modelling. Shelle Rose Charvet is famous for her book Words That Change Minds and her entertaining presentation style which combines insight, education, wit and integrity in one dynamic package.  Sue Knight is an international consultant who offers high quality NLP training to business and organisations. She has written a number of informative and very readable books on the subject, including NLP at Work, NLP Solutions and an NLP and Leadership manual. [We have trained on Sue's Master's programme for many years - PT & JL]

Related Sites  Anglo-American Book Company have a good selection of books on NLP, hypnosis, education and therapy [and they distribute our book, Metaphors in Mind, and DVD, A Strange and Strong Sensation - PT and JL]. Focusing was developed by Eugene T. Gendlin Ph.D. at the University of Chicago and has areas of overlap with Symbolic Modelling.

Society for Mental Space Psychology is the worldwide connection for all people who are interested in and research Mental Space, co-founded by Lucas Dirks of Social Panoramas fame (see above).

Social Sciences resources - directory of Social Sciences related websites.

Scientific and Medical Network explorations in Science and Human Experience, beyond a materialist worldview, an interdisciplinary forum.

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