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Self-Modelling for Personal Development

with Penny Tompkins and James Lawley

dates to be announced

Best selling author Caroline Myss (Anatomy of Spirit, Why People Don't Heal, and Sacred Contracts) says of Penny and James' work:

"The use of metaphors as a means of evaluating how you order your world, your relationships, your occupation, and interpret the experiences of your life is invaluable."

We offer a number of formats.


1. A weekend for 6-8 people, who attend as clients and also have the opportunity to observe Penny and James working live with a range of clean approaches including Symbolic Modelling. No experience of Clean Language is required.

During the weekend you will receive individual sessions facilitated by Penny and/or James within the setting of a small supportive group. In between time you will have the opportunity to draw and research symbols and words, and update your 'metaphor map' as new information becomes available and your 'metaphor landscape' evolves. Becoming aware of the patterns in your metaphors and how they are organised can lead to profound insight, naturally occurring change and organic transformation.

You can use the self-modelling process to work with unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours so they evolve into new ways of being and doing; or you may want to enhance your sense of self; or connect with your life purpose; or discover whatever is important to you at your current stage of personal development; or ... it's up to you.

To book your place contact Zannie at:

For clients' description of the process see:

Or the following case studies:

Or you can watch:


2. A three-day residential for up to 16 people. Some will be there solely for their personal development, and some who are experienced in Symbolic Modelling may also want to develop their coaching-therapy skills under supervision.

While observing Penny and James facilitating clients you will have an opportunity to:

  • Observe how they adapt their approach to each client
  • Notice how the process unfolds during a number of sessions over a number of days
  • Debrief how thinking of a metaphor landscape in terms of a self-organizing system informs which questions are asked
  • Ask questions of Penny and James.

Penny and James were inspired to establish this unusual format in recognition of how much they had learned by observing David Grove working with clients and then discussing the process with him.


3. Several formats between (1) and (2).

If you would like to arrange or attend one of these events please contact us so we can discuss it further.

For other training and personal development events see the Calendar of Events.

As Ernest Rossi (author of Dreams, Consciousness & Spirit, The Symptom Path to Enlightenment and The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing) says the Symbolic Modelling process:
"helps people learn how to facilitate their own creativity in solving their own problems in their own way."


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