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James Lawley and Penny Tompkins

This group is open to therapists, counsellors, coaches and others who facilitate individuals or couples using a clean approach and have trained to at least an equivalent of the Level I criteria of competency.

This supervision is about learning from:

- Your client (both what goes well and not so well)
- The part you played in any interaction and outcome
- The relationship between you, the client, their stuff and your stuff
- Facilitator issues, e.g. ethical dilemmas
- Your colleagues’ experiences
- Our 15 years of using CL & SyM with individuals, couples and groups

It is not:
- Personal therapy (although expect to develop personally)
- Training (although expect to learn)
- A substitute for a long-term supervisory relationship (although it will supplement
  any supervision you are already having).

You will be required to bring one of your client cases (suitably anonymised) as a context for the supervision. We will expect you to know:

- Your client's desired outcome(s) in their own words.
- Your purpose (desired outcome) for bringing this case/topic to supervision.
- As many of the client's exact words as you have.

The days will consist of some of the following:

- Time for you to self-model and learn from your case/client/issue
- Learning from other’s experiences
- Supervisory exercises/activities
- An in-depth review* of a client session in the form of:
a section of verbatim transcript from a session
an audio or video segment of a session
a client to work with 'live' in front of the group.

*Those who would like their client to be featured in the in-depth review must agree this with us in advance.

We have both been UKCP registered psychotherapists since 1993, NLPtCA recognised supervisors since 1995, and coaches in business since 1994. Because of this, professional organisations are usually prepared to count the hours as Supervision or CPD – but you will need to check with your organisation.

If you are required to have supervision as part of your training/accreditation, please check with your training provider/organisation as to the calculation of hours when supervision is in a group format.

To express your interest, please contact Zannie via our web site or at:

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